NH State unemployment rate drops to 2.9%

NH state economy is looking good! The September state unemployment rate dropped down to a super low 2.9 percent. Since the start of the year, gains have been made across most sectors of the economy, from leisure and hospitality to education and manufacturing... Read more...

NH Economic Forecast

signs are that the U.S. economy will experience a slower rate of growth through the rest of this year and into early 2016 said economist Connor Lokar see article Read more...

New England Economic News

The Boston Federal Reserve is reporting that in the 2nd quarter New England economic activity continued improving, at a slower rate. New England unemployment rate remained 4.4 percent. Several economic indicators, such as housing prices, continued to post increases but all seem to be moderating... Read more...

NH Real Estate Forecast

While the state’s economy shows continual growth, driven largely by the housing market and lower energy prices, for the remained of this year, there are signs of slower growth indicators. Real Estate is cyclical... Read more...

NH a Low Tax State?

A review of the NH Economic website reals the following: “The US Tax Foundation ranks New Hampshire’s business tax climate 8th nationally and 1st in New England. Why? New Hampshire has: No use tax, No sales tax, No estate tax, No internet tax, No inventory tax, No capital gains tax, Low corporate income tax, No professional service tax, No broad base personal income tax... Read more...

Should I Lease or Buy?

The lease is due and a good business decision needs to be made. Is it best to lease or buy? My business is stable and growing. Ask yourself some key questions: how is business in 5 years, will I need more space, more employees, is my location best suited for my business, do I need capital for my business, is allocation of capital into real estate the best use... Read more...

Virtual Reality in Real Estate

Do you think Virtual Reality or VR can or will influence buying decisions? You bet it will. This new technology should be embraced into Commercial Real Estate. Technology creates a new world for us to use... Read more...

Does Politics affect Real Estate?

You bet it does! No matter who is President, government policies matter in a very big way. There is no right or wrong policy. There may be unintended consequences. Brexit results are a good example. But does this make it right or wrong? Commercial Real Estate has many external factors that influence it and politics is one of the major factors... Read more...

Independence Day July 4

We commemorate our freedom each year. We have declared ourselves free from tyranny and oppression. We should also celebrate that we are interdependent as a nation. We have accomplished great things because we have a willingness to stand together for what is right! We value each other and we need each other to continue our great strength as a nation of peoples... Read more...

Real Estate Trends and Results

Commercial Real Estate typically lags residential results by 6 months. Meaning as people buy homes, employment + business is trending up. Productivity, production and inventory are doing well. However when things turn down, business is still in production due to previous demand... Read more...

Drones not for Destruction

Using drones for aerial photography in Commercial Real Estate can provide useful  benefits. As a marketing tool, seeing a total property image can prove to be compelling. For instance, if you compare google earth to the current drone video, one can identify a current roof condition, structural components not visibly apparent such as newer roof top units, or even older damaged units... Read more...

I am not a Veteran

May the sacrifice, love of country and service to others, never be forgotten. I want to honor the courage, dedication and sacrifice of all our service members. Most of you did not ask to leave your home to fight on distant battlefields... Read more...

Slow and Low GDP again?

The GDP growth is slow and low. On a radio show called Money Talk, Bob Brinker’s guest, David Stockman, gave his opinion on the subject. GDP growth is lower due to the fact of a lower population growth and lower productivity gains... Read more...

How College loans affect Real Estate

College loan rates are now the lowest in a very long time. Lower rates mean lower payment which is good. The problem is the rising cost of education. The total cost of an education over 4 years now is so high that graduates now must carry the debt for many years... Read more...

When should interest rates rise?

Fed Fund rates since 2008 have remained at near zero. The central bankers are cautious about increasing rates too quickly. As economic growth picks up in the coming months, including improving wages and job growth, once can expect an increase is on the horizon... Read more...

Is there a Commercial Real Estate Bubble in the making?

Eric Rosengren president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston recently spoke in Concord New Hampshire at a Chamber of Commerce event. The Boston market has seen a growing demand for investment property, specifically commercial real estate... Read more...

NECPE Industrial Transaction Leaderboard

New England Commercial Property Exchange has given us the following report. The Commercial Industrial Real Estate Market results from 1/1/2016 to 5/1/2016. The outcome is 1.1 Million total Square feet in capacity of commercial property sold or leased... Read more...

NECPE Office Transaction Leaderboard

New England Commercial Property Exchange has given us the following report. The Commercial Office Real Estate Market results from 1/1/2016 to 5/1/2016. The outcome is 701,742 total Square feet in capacity of commercial property sold or leased... Read more...

NH Commercial Real Estate Market this week

The NH commercial Real Estate market continues the growth trend. This week 55 new listings come online, 17 commercial properties when under agreement or under contract and 19 listed properties sold or leased... Read more...

Retail Commercial Real Estate Q-1 Results

The demand for Retail Commercial Real Estate for New Hampshire and Massachusetts is growing stronger. The days on market for listings dropped a stunning 24.7% The Q-1 2016 average lease listing has dropped 4... Read more...

Industrial Commercial Real Estate Q-1 Results

The future is promising for Industrial Commercial Real Estate for New Hampshire and Massachusetts. The Q-1 2016 average lease listing has dropped 3.9%. The number of sale listing available also dropped 7... Read more...

What’s the difference between rentable and useable square feet?

When leasing a space one of the most confusing matters is what am I paying for in my lease fee that the landlord gets monthly? If you are renting or leasing a space in a multi-tenant building then I hope this may help you understand the lease payment and how it is comprised... Read more...

Whole Food Bedford NH

Whole Foods opened today in Bedford NH. Crowds formed prior to the grand opening with growing anticipation of the new store and great deal savings. It was much anticipated as the nearest Whole Food store in the area was Nashua, NH... Read more...

Apartment Boom Over?

The rental market has been robust the past few years. Recent indication of overbuilding seems to be in the early stages of weakness. REIS recent reported that rent rates continue to raise that vacancy rates have increased to 4... Read more...

FASB effects to Commercial Real Estate Leasing

Proposals to modify the current rules for lease reporting may change. This proposed accounting change could boost reported company debt by requiring a company to  report a lease that is not showing on a balance sheet, affecting an increase of billions of dollars of debt the Wall Street Journal reported... Read more...


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